Alumni Day at SGPGIMS

Second alumni day was celebrated in the afternoon of 13 th December 2021. Director, Prof RK Dhiman presided over the program along with dean Prof Aneesh Srivastava, both are one of the early alumni of the institute. It was a hybrid meeting and about 100 alumni joined virtually or physically. The program began with Prof Dhiman remembering his days as a DM student in gastroenterology where in addition to the academics the environment was of camaraderie and the institute was one big family. Prof Srivastava while introducing the first speaker, Prof Diwakar Dalela spoke of the life and training in the early days in SGPGI. Prof Mahendra Bhandari mentored both Profs Srivastava and Dalela and not only taught them urology but made them understand the importance of balancing work with family life, which has stood them in good stead. Prof Dalela with his vast experience as a teacher and practitioner gave tips about good professional conduct, an important lesson for upcoming doctors. Prof Madan Godbole introduced his protege Dr Naibedya Chattopadhyay, currently scientist at CDRI. Prof Chattopadhyay strongly advocated that to improve the research standard and output in our country, leaders of science have to be more vocal so that science policies and announcements made are implemented and funding for research as promised is increased. Something which is a norm in the US. Prof Shubha Phadke spoke about her journey of 3 decades of establishing department of Medical Genetics, the first in the country, the ups and downs she has faced. She was fondly introduced by her student and now a friend Prof Ratna Puri from Delhi. Dr Pooja Ramakant succinctly outlined how the SGPGI alumni association can be a two-way street. She was introduced by her teacher Prof Amit Agrawal. The program ended with Prof Preeti Dabadghao outlining the course of action to be taken by the alumni cell to make the association vibrant. We hope to continue and expand this tradition in the coming years.

In the nineties, when our nascent Institute was beginning to acquire some freshly minted Alumni as pass outs, SGPGI Alumni day used to be celebrated on the eve of the Convocation. Three such events had been organised during the tenure of Dr. Mahendra Bhandari, the then Director. Customarily, a luminary would be invited to give a talk and this would be followed by an alumni dinner in the guest house lawns. After a long hiatus our Director Prof. RK Dhiman and Dean Prof. SK Mishra, re initiated and revived the idea, and an Alumni Cell Committee was formed. As one the first activities they organised the Alumni Day on 13th December,2020. The event was conducted primarily in an online manner, and was chaired by the Director along with the Dean and it was moderated by Prof. V K Kapoor. 227 Alumni joined in via zoom link and 176 via live you tube account. There were invited talks by some of our noted Alumni of SGPGI i.e. Dr. Amarender Puri, Gasteroenterology, Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari, Urology, Dr. M Naveed, Medical Genetics and Dr. K Nagaraju, Immunology. All the invited speakers were formally introduced by their respective department chairs i.e. by Prof. VA Saraswat, Prof. Aneesh Shrivastava, Prof. Shubha Phadke and Prof. Amita Agarwal.

The speakers spoke about their professional journey, which began at SGPGI, their achievements and their memorable moments. The illustrious speakers ended on a promising note expressing the desire to remain in touch and to help out the younger generations of Alumni in any manner that they can. These talks were followed by a Heritage walk - a video presentation and a very nostalgic interactive session. Trees were also planted in the name of some senior alumni including the Director.An Alumni park is also planned in the Campus in the coming years.

Welcome Speech Director SGPGI on occassion of Alumni Day SGPGIMS (one of the first alumnus of SGPGI)
Invited Talk by noted Alumni of SGPGI Dr. Amarender Singh Puri.
Invited Talk by Dr. Ashutosh Tewari, Urology
Invited Talk by Dr. M Naveed, Medical Genetics
Invited Talk by Dr. K Nagaraju, Immunology